Investigating on Foreign Ground

Tom Heinemann is a Danish independent investigative journalist and filmmaker who focuses on global issues. He has 19 years of experience as a journalist. In his session at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference, Investigating on Foreign Ground, he offered tips on how to do in-depth reporting on foreign soil.

Google Expert’s Top Research Techniques

Has your editor ever told you to write a piece about something you know nothing about? No problem. With a few simple tricks, you can become an expert on almost anything.

A One-Woman Battle: Interview with Clare Rewcastle Brown

You have to fight for what you believe in, says investigative journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown. In 2010 Rewcastle Brown founded “The Sarawak Report” and “Radio free Sarawak”. Through these channels the London-based journalist reports on the corrupted methods of the Malaysian government in handling the timber, oil and palm oil of Sarawak, a part of the Malaysian state Borneo, without giving any of the profits or resources back to the indigenous people living there.

Visualizing Investigative Journalism

Investigative journalists in the “Lighting rounds: Visualization” had five minutes each to present their projects which use different visualization techniques. Below, a recap of some of the highlights.