The Venue

For #GIJC15 the world’s muckrakers are returning to the stately Radisson Blu Lillehammer Hotel. It’s been seven years since the fifth Global Conference was held here. In October we will reunite at this historic venue.

The Radisson Blu Lillehammer hotel has a long and storied history. It was built in 1911 and modified several times since then. The first years it was a favorite vacation place for royals. During World War II the hotel was occupied and used by the German military. In 1994 the hotel was chosen as headquarters for the International Olympic Committee when Lillehammer hosted the 17th Winter Olympics.

In 2008 the hotel was again under siege. This time by almost 600 journalists from around the world, who took part of the fifth Global Investigative Journalism Conference.

#GIJC15-host Jan Gunnar Furuly in the bar where Muckrakers was playing their first concert.

#GIJC15-host Jan Gunnar Furuly in the bar where The Muckrakers played their first, now legendary concert.

It was during this conference, in one of the small bars at the hotel, that the GIJC-band Muckrakers was formed. The original crew will be back at #GIJC15.

The adress for the hotel is: Turisthotelveien 6, 2609 Lillehammer

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