Tipsheets & Presentations

Henk the Great

Internet sleuth Henk van Ess giving tips to a group at #GIJC15. Photo: Eva Jung.

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Investigative Research Links, Margot Williams.

100 Best Databases, Gary Price

Teaching Investigative Journalism, Mark Lee Hunter.

Financing Quality Journalism, Teun Gauter.

Training Computer Assisted Reporting, Nils Mulvad.

Document Cloud Memo + Exercise, Kaas & Mulvad.

Basic coding for journalists Cheatsheet, Tommy Kaas.

Cleaning Data with Open Refine, Kaas & Mulvad.

CartoDB Cheatsheet, Tommy Kaas.

Scraping with Python, Tom Meagher & Tommy Kaas.

PDF Cracking with CometDocs, Tipsheet + Exercise, Nils Mulvad.

Lists of tools for social media research, Frederik Fischer.

List of free software and open source tools for investigative journalism
and research, Markus Mandalka.


Fundraising Tips & Tricks, Leila Bicakcic

Nigeria’s Ebola Success Story, Rosemary Nwaebuni.

Bangladesh Corruption: Lightning Round Presentation, Mosabber Hossain Ribon.

Malaria in Nigeria: Lightning Round Presentation, Tobore Ovuorie.

Building Permits: Lightning Round Presentation, Nisrine Ajab.

Arms Trafficking: Lightning Round Presentation, Suchit Chávez

Water’s Edge: Lightning Round Presentation on Visualization, Deborah Nelson.

Death Penalty Project: Lightning Round Presentation on Visualization, Tom Meagher.

Lightning Round Presentation — Great Stories You’ve Never Heard Of: ‘The Last Journey of Kahsay Mekonen’, Huub Jaspers & Sanne Terlingen.

Lightning Round Presentation — Great Stories You’ve Never Heard Of: ‘The City of London Lobbying Machine’, Nick Mathiason.

IF — EXACT — PROPER: Lightning Round Presentation on Favorite Data Tool, Helena Bengtsson.

Fuzzy Lookup: Lightning Round Presentation on Favorite Data Tool, Crina Boros.

Tabula: Extracting PDF Data: Lightning Round Presentation on Favorite Data Tool, Linda Kakuli.

Simple Scraping: Lightning Round Presentation on Favorite Data Tool, Megan Luther.

Finding Important Words: Lightning Round Presentation on Favorite Data Tool, Trish Chan Ka Wai.

Open Refine: Lightning Round Presentation on Favorite Data Tool, Anuška Delić.

New Models and Startups, Korea Center for Investigative Journalism Presentation, Kim Yong Jin.

Finding Africa’s Missing MoneyJohn Reynolds

Teaching Computer Assisted Reporting in 2015, Brant Houston.

LuxLeaks Presentation,

Crowdfunding, Projects, Stories and Startups, Presentation + Video, Nigel Aw.

Journalism Crowdfunding, Sebastian Esser.

Data Track: Simple Visualizations with DatawrapperAnuška Delić.

Investigative Work at Transparency International — Techniques & Tips, Anne Koch.

The Investigative Teaching Lab & Desk Slides + Script, Marcel Metze.

Crowdfunding in Agencia Publica in Brazil, Natalia Viana.

Innovators in Media, Anya Schiffrin.

Investigative Journalism with Students Investigations with Students, Deborah Nelson.

Digital Technologies and the Extractive Sector, Anya Schiffrin and Erika Rodrigues

Investigation in the Middle East, Hanene Zbiss.

Finding Africa’s Missing Money, Musikilu Mojeed

From Getting Data to Visualizing it, Jodi Upton and Jennifer LaFleur.

Going Creepy: Fishing for Geotags in Social Media, Yiannis Kakavas

A Corruption Free Society Initiative, Islam Alzeny

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