Visa Information

IMPORTANT: CITIZENS FROM MANY COUNTRIES OUTSIDE EU/Enorsk flaggEA NEED A VISA TO ENTER NORWAY. The process can take up to three weeks, so be sure to do it soon! Official letters are available from SKUP upon request. SKUP will assist in expediting the process with the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.

Citizens from countries inside the EU/EEA do not need a visa to Norway. Also, citizens from many other countries can visit Norway without a visa, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and the United States. You can check if you need a visa here.

To apply for a visa, the applicant must individually fill out the Form for visa Application available in English. Then you need to contact the Norwegian Consluar Authorities in your country to arrange a meeting.

As Norway is a member of the EEA and Schengen Area, your visa application must be processed through all member states. This process can take some time. We therefore advice you to apply early.

For more information, please check with your nearest Norwegian embassy or consulate. 

Here is a full list of Norway’s embassies and consulates abroad.

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