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What kind of weather can I expect?
The billion-dollar question. Weather in Norway in October is unstable. It can go from sunny to cold rain within hours. One thing for sure: Your bathing suit is only useable in the indoor hotel pool.

October is the shift between autumn and winter in Norway. Many see this season as the most beautiful, because of the variety of colours in the nature.


Marcus Ramberg, CC-lisens

Lillehammer in the autumn. Photo: Marcus Ramberg, CC-licence.

But its very likely it will be cold, rainy and windy. So bring a solid jacket and footwear. The average temperature in Lillehammer in October is just below 10 degrees Celsius (50F).

Although the weather in Norway in autumn is shifting and can be somewhat unpleasant, its highly unlikely that you will experience snow during GIJC15. For that you need to return a month later than the conference.

A much used phrase in Norway in autumn is: “The weather is perfect for staying inside”.

Dress code
Dress code for the GIJC is casual. Norwegian journalists usually wear jeans, shoes or sneakers, shirt or t-shirt, jacket or sweater. You might want to dress up for the award dinner on Saturday evening, October 10th.

Because of expected weather, we suggest you bring a thick jacket and good footwear. The area around the conference venue is excellent for a nice walk or a run.

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