Ten Tips for a Great Documentary

When documentary filmmaker Hanna Polak arrived in Russia in 1999, she was immediately inspired to help the children. For 14 years, Polak filmed Yula, a young girl living inside the largest junkyard in Europe, 13 miles from Putin’s Moscow. In Polak’s latest documentary, “Something Better to Come,” Yula shares one dream: to escape and lead a normal life.

Covering the Migration Crisis: Interview with a Syrian filmmaker

Award-winning filmmaker Firas Fayyad was twice held by Syrian President Bashar Assad’s fearful intelligence regime for exposing human rights abuses and covering the start of the 2011 “peaceful protests” that turned into civil war. He spoke at the session The Migrants’ Files about his newest documentary, which follows kids under 17 that have flown from the war in Syria towards Europe. “I think these kids will lost their future even if they stay in any of the European countries, because the European NGOs don’t know really what’s going on with these kids, Fayyad,” says. https://youtu.be/uFNdebdsuKE