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mojoGIJC15 and SKUP are offering an exclusive masterclass in mobile-journalism video making on Saturday, October 10, between 11.00 and 14.00 at the Global Conference. This is a three-hour workshop that requires registration – on a first come first served basis. It is for a maximum of 40 participants. This is a practical mojo workshop and you’ll need an iPhone loaded with the iMovie app.

About the Mojo Masterclass

As journalism becomes increasingly competitive, mainstream or community journalists need a broader digital storytelling skill set. They especially need to know how to mojo – to use smart devices to create user-generated stories (UGS).  The Smartmojo 101 Guerrilla Workshop is a three-hour fast track introduction to mobile journalism. Participants will learn how to shoot a basic sequence, use natural light, receive tips on recording clean audio, and learn how to edit this into a short UGS—all on their iPhone. You’ll need a phone, loaded with the iMovie App. Go Mojo!

About the Trainer

Ivo Burum is an Australia-based journalist, author, and award-winning television producer. He has more than 30 years of experience producing content across genres, including front-line international current affairs. A pioneer in mobile journalism, Dr. Burum lectures in multimedia journalism. He runs Burum Media, a mojo and web TV consultancy that provides training to journalists from the world’s leading media companies and citizen journalists in remote marginalized communities. He is the co-author of Mojo – The Mobile Journalism Handbook.

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2 thoughts on “Register Now for Exclusive Masterclass in Mojo Video Making

    • Ivo Burum responds:

      This is a practical workshop where participants will be required to shoot and edit a short exercise (story).

      We use iPhones because we use an app (iMovie) that has two tracks of video (one for story, one for B roll). Android have only just (a few days ago) released an app with two track video, but not for all Android phones, only a few expensive phones!

      So in a VERY SHORT GUERRILLA type practical workshop I can only teach—shoot and edit — on one device. So, I choose the device and platform that has the hamburger with the lot, one that enables fast, professional editing.

      Some of what I talk about and demonstrate on the day will apply to Android users (recording clean sound and vision), but the sexy stuff – the use of onboard voice recorders and the two track video edit, may not.

      If they have an Android device with a two track vision edit app, they are welcome, but they won’t have this unless they have a specific Android (808 or higher engine).Then in a 3 hour workshop I will not be able to teach them to use their Android edit app. I will be showing how to shoot and record vision and audio (general); how, why and where content is stored (on an iPhone); and how it’s edited (on an iPhone). That’s the professional approach that gives great results.

      It will be fast and furious, but those who have an iPhone will love it.

      As mentioned a two track video edit app has just been released for SOME expensive Android/Windows etc devices, but owners will need subscriptions etc. Impossible in a short workshop. I will talk about this and workflows in the workshop. I will be running Android workshops soon (when the right app is readily available). The argument that Android is cheaper is RUBBISH. To get the right Android – one that will run premium journalism apps – you need to pay USD$400 and upwards.

      I hope that explains why I am using iPhone. I hope the workshop is still of interest.

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