GIJN Election Results: October 2015 Votes on GIJC17, Board

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GIJN squareGIJC17 Votes

  • Johannesburg        31
  • Amman                   13
  • Vancouver              13

Board Member Votes: At Large

  • Paul Radu  34
  • Jan Gunnar Furuly  31
  • Marina Walker Guevara   29
  • Brant Houston  29
  • Mzilikazi wa Africa  23
  • David Schraven   14
  • Eva Jung  16
  • Attila Mong  9
  • Cecil Rosner  9

Board Members Seats: Regional

  • Latin America: Fernando Rodrigues (unopposed)
  • Middle East/North Africa: Rana Sabbagh (unopposed)
  • North America:
    • Marina Walker Guevara 7
    • Brant Houston 3
    • Cecil Rosner 3

Note: Under GIJN’s election rules, a seat on the board is reserved for the highest vote- getter from each designated region. Therefore, Fernando Rodrigues was re-elected as Latin American representative, Rana Sabbagh as Middle East representative, and Marina Walker Guevara as North America representative.

Another four board seats are filled by at-large representatives who receive the highest vote totals. Therefore, the at-large seats went to Paul Radu, Jan Gunnar Furuly,
Brant Houston, and Mzilikazi wa Africa — all current board members.

For more on the election results, see our story here. For background on the election, please go here.

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