How to Mojo: Using Mobile Phones for Reporting

Journalism increasingly involves using mobile phones and attendees got three hours of intense instruction at the MoJo Master Class at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Lillehammer. Ivo Burum, Australian journalist, author and award-winning television producer, taught the workshop in which the participants learned basic camera filming, sound recording, and editing on smartphones.

Universities and Investigative Reporting

Mark Lee Hunter from INSEAD and Wang Shiyu from Beijing Foreign Language Studies University share their insights on investigative journalism education.

How To Investigate Disasters

“The first casualty of war is the truth, but can we say the same about natural disasters?” asked Yohan Shanmugaratnam. The international news editor of Norwegian daily Klassekampen, Shanmugaratnam was introducing the How To Investigate Disasters panel on the third day of 9th Global Investigative Journalism Conference.

Lightning Round: My Favorite Data Tool

In this Lightning Round panel at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference, presenters had just five minutes to describe their favorite data tool. The results: tips ranging from basic Excel to Z-score.

Reporting from the Middle East

Being a journalist in countries with repressive regimes and limited press freedom can be a daunting task. Countries in the Middle East have been described as some of the most dangerous in the world for journalists to report from. Rana Sabbagh, executive director at Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ), shared useful tips for reporting in the region:

Ten Tips for a Great Documentary

When documentary filmmaker Hanna Polak arrived in Russia in 1999, she was immediately inspired to help the children. For 14 years, Polak filmed Yula, a young girl living inside the largest junkyard in Europe, 13 miles from Putin’s Moscow. In Polak’s latest documentary, “Something Better to Come,” Yula shares one dream: to escape and lead a normal life.

Whistleblowers & Journalists: A Complex Relationship

Journalists and whistleblowers have a tight-knit yet complex relationship. Although both need each other, their exchanges are often tense. In Working With Whistleblowers, an October 9 panel October at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference , both whistleblowers and journalists explained the challenges they face when working together.

Hands-On Data: Basics of Analysis, Statistics, Visualization

The second day of 9th Global Investigative Journalism Conference offered data-driven journalist the opportunity to sharpen their skills through sessions focused on training them to identify useful data, extract it, clean it, analyze it, visualize it and finally, tell a story.

How Other Investigators Do It

“The skill of digging into complex wrongdoing is required for both my day job and my evening job,” said Jim Mintz, founder of the Mintz Group, of his days as a private investigator and his nights teaching investigative reporting at Columbia University.

Using Computer Game Techniques To Tell Your Story

Pirate Fishing, an interactive investigation by Al Jazeera, exposed the world of illegal fishing in Western Africa to an internet audience using elements of an online computer game.