Looking for the 2017 GIJC?

The 2017 Global Investigative Journalism Conference will be held November 16-19 in Johannesburg. Don’t miss this one — it will be the GIJC’s 10th anniversary and our first time in Africa. GIJC17 is brought to you by the Global Investigative Journalism Network and the Wits Journalism Program of University of the Witwatersrand. Check our conference website here and register here. See you in Joburg!

How To Integrate Mapping into Your Stories

As someone who has spent many years discovering, describing, and sharing GIS data and maps, my skills to actually create maps were in need of some help. So, on Saturday afternoon at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference, I attended a two-session, hands-on workshop, “Mapping With Arc.” The session was described in the conference program as an introduction to “analyzing data for stories by using mapping software.”

GIJN Election Results: October 2015 Votes on GIJC17, Board

GIJC17 Votes

Johannesburg        31
Amman                   13
Vancouver              13

Board Member Votes: At Large

Paul Radu  34
Jan Gunnar Furuly  31
Marina Walker Guevara   29
Brant Houston  29
Mzilikazi wa Africa  23
David Schraven   14
Eva Jung  16
Attila Mong  9
Cecil Rosner  9

Board Members Seats: Regional

Latin America: Fernando Rodrigues (unopposed)
Middle East/North Africa: Rana Sabbagh (unopposed)
North America:

Marina Walker Guevara 7
Brant Houston 3
Cecil Rosner 3

Note: Under GIJN’s election rules, a seat on the board is reserved for the highest vote- getter from each designated region. Therefore, Fernando Rodrigues was re-elected as Latin American representative, Rana Sabbagh as Middle East representative, and Marina Walker Guevara as North America representative. Another four board seats are filled by at-large representatives who receive the highest vote totals. Therefore, the at-large seats went to Paul Radu, Jan Gunnar Furuly,
Brant Houston, and Mzilikazi wa Africa — all current board members. For more on the election results, see our story here.

GIJN Votes Johannesburg as Site of GIJC17, Re-elects Board Members

Global Investigative Journalism Network members have voted to hold the next Global Investigative Journalism Conference for the first time in Africa. GIJN’s member groups also voted to re-elect the current seven board members who were up for election this year.

#GIJC15: A Multimedia Blitz

We’re gearing up for the Global Investigative Journalism Conference with coverage that is multimedia, multilingual, and multinational. Here’s one of our new features: a social media wall that integrates #GIJC15 tweets and other items in a continuous flow. We’re a week away and the wall is already buzzing. Plus we’ll have four streaming video channels and an international team posting stories, interviews, photos, video, and lots of social media from GIJC15’s +170 sessions. You can also stay tuned to events through our conference app Sched, which lets users create their own schedule at the conference.

Come Dance with Us: The Muckrakers Return to Lillehammer!

If you’ve been to any of the last four Global Investigative Journalism Conferences, chances are you saw GIJN’s own band, The Muckrakers. Formed at a jam at the first Lillehammer conference in 2008, the group quickly came together with a hard-drinking crowd of journalists from around the world for a great night of R&B, blues, and rock. Since then, The Muckrakers have played to packed crowds at every Global Investigative Journalism Conference, rockin’ the house in Geneva, Kiev, and Rio. Drawn from four countries, The Muckrakers showcases the talents of four veteran musicians – Ana Simonovska on vocals (Macedonia), Mark Hunter on guitar (France/US), Dave Kaplan on harmonica (US), and Geir Aage Vollan on bass (Norway). This is the band’s reunion gig, as they return to where it all began seven years ago.

GIJC15 Attendees Hit 100 Countries!

We’ve passed the 100 country mark! That’s how many nations will be represented when investigative journalists gather in Lillehammer this October for the Global Investigative Journalism Conference. What that means is GIJC15 will be the most diverse international gathering ever of muckrakers from around the world. Check out the map of attendees that SKUP’s Jens Egil Heftoy put together. This is not yet complete — we’re still working to bring people from the rest of the world.

GIJC Special Events: Film Fest, Gala Dinner, CryptoParty, The Muckrakers

Yes, we’ve got more than 150 panels, workshops, training sessions, and keynote speakers. But it wouldn’t be a GIJC if we didn’t find the time, as the Norwegians say, to “lower the shoulders,” socialize, and have a great time. We know from experience that sitting down and talking informally can be the beginning of your next big scoop. Gala Dinner

All participants are welcome to the main gala dinner on Saturday evening, October 10. Join us for a sumptuous meal, drinks, and some great entertainment arranged by our hosts at SKUP.